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Sneak Peek! – Darryl, Nicole, and Tyson- 10.16.10

I usually do pretty good about keeping the waterworks to a minimum at weddings, but this note that Darryl wrote to his four year old best man gets me every time. More to come soon!

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Wauchula Portrait Photography – Kara Lee – Senior

She went from waddling in diapers and hiding in hat boxes to becoming a talented pianist, golfer, singer, and mathematician. She went from pitching temper tantrums on an hourly basis to only stomping her foot every once in a while. She went from my little baby sister to “are you even really related to her?”...

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Portrait Photography – Mavil – Hollis Gardens and the Polk Theatre

My cousin, Odessa, emailed me a few weeks ago telling me about Louise Dahl Wolfe, an amazing photographer who shot the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine many times and brilliantly created photographs that weren’t just pictures…they were art. I spent days swooning, sighing, gaping over her photos…wishing I knew photography like that; wishing I could...

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