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Bridal Portraits – Heather – Courtney Lane Photography

I love to feel included on shoots when I’m assisting. I’m not your average second shooter…I LOVE getting to help hold the bride’s gown and applying long eyelashes and carrying the camera bags and running to pin back a tuft of hair that has escaped from its proper place (and yes, I am aware that...

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Charlotte Event Photography – Lobstah’ Fest – Heidi and Joe’s Place

Lobster. Elvis. Children. Heidi and Joe. Lobster. Need I say more? Of course. I’m an english major. As Caroline, Alin, and I were on our way to this event, I kept playing the idea of what the day was going to be like over and over in my head. I mean, seriously…how can one couple...

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Charlotte Portrait Photography>>Tina>>Forget Me Knot

Its why I am a photographer. Its what I’ll always be.

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